London Drum Circle is a network of musicians promoting rhythm based events. If you have an related event please get in touch .

London Drum Circle is not for profit, organising world rhythm workshops, drum circles and concerts for the last 10 years.

We organise and facilitate world rhythm percussion and music workshops, drum circles in London



London Drum Circle Team


Nihat Tsolak - Director, Percussionist, Workshop Leader

-enjoys building communities, groups, creating a fun and relaxing environment
-facilitates and leads groups, workshops, drum circles, for the last ten years
-plays drums, percussion and using rhythm to connect with the group
-experienced in group work, facilitation, runs workshops for corporates, NLP, charities and festivals.
-plays percussion, drums, using percussion to connect and to meditate
-loves group work, improvising, facilitating, organising, building a creative and safe space.
-organising and facilitating workshops and events for more than ten years.
- Nihat attended drama, drum workshops with master drummers, stand up, drama, impro training with Keith Johnstone, laughter yoga with Dr Madan Kataria, holds an MA in Sociology, MPhil in Psychology
--Nihat is available to facilitate rhythm based workhoshops, drum circles, facilitation skills, sufi drum circles.


Piero Pierini - Percussionist, Workshop Leader

-plays percussion,drums,guitar and other string instruments.
-experienced in group dynamics related to healing,music therapy,music experimentation,ceremonial practices.
-researcher into the usage of music as a healing tool in chamanic traditions from America and Africa. Also the importance of the group as a vehicle to promote integration,healing and self knowledge.
-working as a music mentor for Key Changes (charity based in London working with people recovering from mental problems through music).
-volunteered at Hospitals playing and organizing music groups in the mental wards.
-participated in a group of theatre as a musician supporting story telling and performance for children.


Ali Kirdar - Percussionist, Workshop Leader

native Arab drummer who has always been attracted to music and particularly to the sound of the Tabla. .
- Ali has been professionally nvolved in drumming for a number of years now
- he is currently developing his own drumming style by drumming
-runs darbukha and rhythm workhosps
-plays regularly with professinal dancers and musicians at concerts
-Ali is an avid tabla collector, collecting tablas from Egypt and Turkey with most deep and amazing sounds.
-Ali was trained by the Egyptian master percussionist Farouk El Safi



If you would like to book London Drum Circle drummers for your events, birthdays, parties, please call 0794 44 89 527